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Office Design Specialists.

Innovating Design that will change the way you think about your space.

Our expertise covers traditional and innovative design methods, cost and project management as well as services integration. Modular Workspace are a well established leading project management company that specialise in precise organisation of the different contractors required for even the most demanding projects.


​This unique combination of experience throughout the company has shaped the way that we approach a project. Innovation and tailored solutions are our passion, but not at the expense of practicality and suitability for the client, we are here to offer the best solution for your business. We understand the importance of coordination and services integration throughout the design and implementation process.

Modular Workspace grew from the belief there was a simpler and more effective way of working , a way that allowed the clients needs to be heard and most importantly only need to be communicated to one person. 


We want to hear your ideas and get to know how you work, as well as a detailed project brief we will go through an observation stage to ensure we have a detailed understanding of your ways of working, often taking a step back you can see a way to optimise the process. We keep you informed at every stage of the project to ensure you are involved in the developments without any of the stress.

Focused on You


Modular Workspace provide a Turn-key design service as a result of customer demand, we regularly received requests for recommendations of contractors to provide a host of other services required on a project. Clients were often struggling to find and manage all the sub-contractors required.Our clients wanted to know that they had a trusted single point of contact, one person accountable for managing budgets, contractors and ensuring the project met its deadline. Since 1994 we have undertaken turn-key projects of all scales, regardless of size it is well worth considering a turn-key solution. It quite simply is the fastest and most cost effective method to manage an office design project.

Turn-Key Design.

We develop a comprehensive brief to ensure out team understand your key business objectives. Coupled with observations of your current working environment,  we can pinpoint key measures for the success of your re-designed office space.A workplace strategy is vital, it provides clarification of how to achieve your objectives. It can help to pinpoint the smallest optimum space required to support your business needs, leading to reduced real estate costs. Working to a project brief alone without developing a structured approach can be the difference between the success and failure of the project.

Establishing Objectives.

The creative stages in the design process are where the client's ideas come to life, developing an optimised workspace based on the initial design brief. Our designers are focused on delivering inspired solutions, looking at the workspace and business operations to tailor the design. The strength and ability of our design team have allowed us to create innovative solutions to meet the demands of the modern day office.


​Continuous technical review and development will guide each team during implementation to guarantee that we adhere to regulations and minimise risks associated with the project. A well designed office is nothing if the technical aspects are not delivered.


Focused Delivery.

24 Years Experience.

We've been in the business since 1994.A significant amount of our projects come from longstanding clients.

On Time. In Budget.

We don't commit to unrealistic timescales and all of our projects are complete on time and within budget.


We will turn your brief into  a unique design that enhances your brand, inspires your team and enhances your operational flow.

Dedicated Team.

Our dedicated team are passionate about your project, individual commitment to a group effort with every client.

Established Partnerships

We have established excellent partnerships with experts in their respective fields, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Charitable Causes.

Let us transform your Workspace.

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