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Office Fit-Out.

People perform at their best in surroundings that are calming and inspirational – in a working environment that’s light, quiet, and comfortable.

We’ve been delivering office fit-outs for over 20 years, we are trusted to complete  quality projects on time throughout the UK. Every project is unique, our team understand that we need to full understand our clients before we can begin to create a space tailored to you.

Each project is managed by a selection of our team, carefully selected with strengths suited to the clients sector and project style. Typically  we will assign a project manager, designer, technical manager and site manager to all projects.

Concrete Timescales.

The fit-out process can be complex, with a large number of elements coming together, often requiring completion of one task before another can begin.

Once we have been given instruction to proceed, we will agree on timescales, with confirmed completion dates. We will plan in detail when activity will take place on site to meet key deadlines. Unforeseen obstacles and delays can arise for a multitude of reasons, with close monitoring from our project management team and site supervisors, the schedule of works be adjusted to maintain the same completion date, dedicating extra team members to ensure this where required. At all times you will be notified of any amendments to the schedule.

Budget Management.

If you have a specific budget in mind, or if you need us to guide you, Modular Workspace will work to a budget that suits your business. We can help your existing space work better for you, adapting a once suitable workplace to your evolving business needs. In situ refurbishment is one of our most utilised schemes, managing a phased build while you still occupy the space.

We will adapt the level of finish, features and furniture ranges to achieve this. Whether you go for an entry level product or something at the top of our range, we carefully select our products from only the leading manufacturers. Every element we specify is thoroughly quality checked by our team before we add it to our portfolio.

Brand Integration.

Your office space should ultimately enhance your brand whilst helping to create a productive working environment. Clear company branding and values is as important to your team as it is to potential clients, helping to give clear direction. Creating an environment with open workspaces, casual breakout spaces and unique features may seem like the modern direction, but it is important to understand if this will benefit your business.

If your team need quiet working spaces, all of these features are wasted and can end up causing an uncomfortable working environment. Your brand image within your office goes beyond the physical design, an office with an uncomfortable working atmosphere can give of a negative impression of your company.

24 Years Experience.

We've been in the business since 1994.A significant amount of our projects come from longstanding clients.

On Time. In Budget.

We don't commit to unrealistic timescales and all of our projects are complete on time and within budget.


We will turn your brief into  a unique design that enhances your brand, inspires your team and enhances your operational flow.

Dedicated Team.

Our dedicated team are passionate about your project, individual commitment to a group effort with every client.

Established Partnerships.

We have established excellent partnerships with experts in their respective fields, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Let us transform your Workspace.

Thanks! One of our team will be in contact shortly.

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