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​​Sektor Product Range Guide​.

Above is a small snapshot of what can be achieved using Sektor's Interior Solutions products. Modular Workspace can supply and install all Sektor products so please contact us for more information.

The quickest way to get to know the full Sektor range is through their Product Range Guide. The brochure is filled with inspiration, showcasing plenty of project photography so you can see how Sektor can be adapted for your specific needs. 

​​Sektor 115

High Performing frameless partitioning that speak of Prestige & Professionalism. 

Let silence flood in. An active workspace doesn’t have to be distracting.
Install Sektor 115, and you’ll find interruptions are rare; while phone calls and meetings are more productive simply because they’re more private.
This robust, frameless partitioning system gives an extra width of 25mm compared to Sektor 90, providing strength and rigidity as well as those hushed boardroom acoustics. The system provides a stunning end result and an all round simple and easy installation. Choose Sektor 115 for settings where
professionalism and privacy are paramount – wherever people need space to think and plan.

Poorly designed offices cost UK businesses billions of pounds a year.

Discover your perfect space.

Sektor is a continually evolving range of interior products for functional and flexible working environments. We develop and adapt the range to meet the demands of specifiers, contractors, and end-users. With each new product release, we
refine or upgrade components to make the product more robust, easier to fit, and easier to relocate.

Development keeps Sektor at the forefront of modern design, installation technology, and
contemporary working life. It works the way you want it to work.


Sektor 30

1Full-height frameless glazing with up to 30 minutes’ fire resistance Sektor 30 is a slimline partitioning system with clean aesthetic lines and outstanding performance. A key feature of Sektor 30 is its minimal, dry-glazed joints. They create clear connections between glass panels that make a
Sektor 30 installation appear all but invisible. Slenda door frames complement Sektor 30’s minimalist look. These slimline framesaccept flush veneered, single glazed, and double-glazed doors. There are also options for frameless and sliding glass doors.

With up to 30 minutes fire integrity, and 39db sound reduction, Sektor 30 truly
delivers from a performance point of view. Sektor 30 is easily customised with glass graphics, and can be dismantled and relocated when business needs change. A number of deflection heads allow for floor or ceiling movements of
up to ± 25mm. There are also plenty of options for integrating with standard drywall partitions and other systems within the Sektor range.

People perform at their best in surroundings that are calming and inspirational – in a working environment that’s light, quiet, and comfortable. A healthy workspace encourages happiness
and well-being, which in turn leads to more efficient and productive work.

That’s the idea behind Sektor, a complete range of interior solutions for imaginative designers and specifiers, skilled installers, and high-achieving end-users. Sektor works with you. You adapt it to fit your vision and style. The components go together quickly and easily, and the finished installation
invariably delights its occupants.

Modular Workspace can supply and install all Sektor products so please contact us for more information or to arrange a consultation.

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