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Workplace Consultancy.

Hot desking has enabled businesses to create space for every team member whilst reducing the overall number of permanent desks required. The huge advancements in mobile technology removed the need for a fixed desk.

The cost of renting office space has soared, with prices in the capital rising above the national average. More than ever the necessity to get the most from your space is essential, creating an agile workspace can help to utilise the modern mobile age. With many team members working away from the office, whether it be at a client, project or from home, daily office occupancy has fallen making way for hot desks to become standard practice.


This is not to say this once approach suits all business types, understanding your space and how it can be optimised is vital in creating a better workplace and a more efficient business. By carrying out detailed briefs and observations to gather an understanding of your operations, we can help to reduce costs, improve staff morale and engagement and drive your business forward.


Office functionality is important to office design, key elements such as M&E installation, IT infrastructure. We will look at the culture of your business, assessing how best to give staff places to relax, concentrate and collaborate.

While functionality is important in office design, we'll also explore how the culture of the business can be reflected, giving staff spaces where they can collaborate, concentrate and relax.

This part of the process also looks at the elements that make an environment function efficiently. From building-related factors like M&E and BMS systems, to IT and communication infrastructure, and many other considerations.

24 Years Experience.

We've been in the business since 1994.A significant amount of our projects come from longstanding clients.

On Time. In Budget.

We don't commit to unrealistic timescales and all of our projects are complete on time and within budget.


We will turn your brief into  a unique design that enhances your brand, inspires your team and enhances your operational flow.

Dedicated Team.

Our dedicated team are passionate about your project, individual commitment to a group effort with every client.

Established Partnerships.

We have established excellent partnerships with experts in their respective fields, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Let us transform your Workspace.

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