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Case Studies.

Ditton Park.

20,000 Sqft 

5 Weeks.

Founded in 2008, Advanced provides healthcare, business and learning management software and services. It is the third-largest UK-based software provider to the UK market, with more than 2,000 employees and 20,000 customers. The group has grown revenue to more than £200 million through a programme of complementary acquisitions and strong organic growth, leaving them the 3rd largest UK-based software and IT services provider to the UK market

Magna House.

7,000 Sqft 

6 Weeks.

Today Tax Computer Systems serves the needs of over 900 large corporations in the UK and Ireland, as well as almost all of the large accounting firms including 23 of the top 25 UK practices. They got there by delivering exceptional software and services to all customers and investment in the best people and technology for their business.
Because they meet and exceed customer expectations, they have a continuing customer retention rate in excess of 97%.

Eureka Park.

8,500 Sqft 

8 Weeks.

With over 20 years’ experience working with NHS organisations the people of Advanced have depth of market insight, ensuring their solutions are delivered right, first time. Their insightful approach means complete understanding of the complex processes and regulations in the NHS ensures their technology solutions make compliance simple. We are proud to be a HFMA corporate partner Supporting your Future-Focussed Finance journey, managing your people assets and specifically reducing procurement costs and enabling PEPPOL compliant transactions is at the heart of our back office solutions.

The Mailbox.

20,700 Sqft 

13 Weeks.

The Mailbox is a vibrant workplace hub where BBC Birmingham has its offices along with Network Rail and Associated Architects and now the Advanced Group.

In a chic, cosmopolitan and canal side environment, surrounded by an exciting mix of leisure and dining options.

Penman Consulting.

3,000 Sqft 

8 Weeks.

Previously Penman Consulting were located throughout 4 rooms spread across outbuildings on a country estate in Oxfordshire .This led to a feeling that there were four separate groups. The new office is over one floor, where Modular Workspace designed a space that replicated the separate working areas within one office, focusing on collaborative areas and an open plan staff refresh space. helping to create a sense of cohesion amongst the staff.

Modular Workspace set out to create a space to reflect Penman Consulting's rapid growth, whilst keeping the team at the centre of design.

Francis Clark.

3,300 Sqft 

3 Weeks.

Francis Clark is the largest firm of chartered accountants and tax advisers in the South West. Modular Workspace have been working on the expansion of their  premises in Taunton.


We turned an open plan space, into a mixture of open office space and meetings rooms. It provided desk space for 30 additional team members whilst increasing informal meeting and breakout facilities for the existing staff.

More to Follow.

We will regularly update our case studies as new projects are completed. 

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