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Contact us today to see how we can help design a sustainable, efficient office for your business.

Creating a healthier office environment improves staff morale, productivity and staff retention, ultimately leading to an increase in profitability for your business. Office ventilation, air conditioning and enhancing natural daylight are some of the best way to make a comfortable environment. 

The responsible sourcing of materials ensures you minimise the environmental impact your office works will have. Analysing key factors like locally sourced materials and recycled content are essential. 

We offer a packaging recycling service through one of our UK based suppliers. We want to avoid landfill shortages and throwing away of materials that can be re-used.

Enhanced Capital Allowances  are a simple way for businesses to improve their cash flow through tax benefits. The scheme encourages businesses to invest in energy-saving products reducing their carbon footprint.

‚ÄčExcellent environmental credentials are vital when selecting a commercial interiors contractor for your sustainable office redesign and fit-out. Our guide contains the essential questions you need to ask.

Have you considered sub-metering of electricity and water, even zonal controls for your heating, ventilation and lighting? Implementing energy efficient technology in your office interior will save costs and have less of an environmental impact.

It is a now a legal requirement to consider the environmental impact that the design and build of an office has, but we want to go beyond this and create an environment that ensures sustainability. 

New waste management regulation has come into force and will affect all businesses and how they will deal with all waste, from general office waste to larger scale recycling. Keeping staff motivated when it comes to energy saving measures and recycling will help to keep waste down. There are various ways to involve them that can help them to take ownership of their own impact.

Using sustainable materials, making environmentally-conscious choices and employing energy saving technologies is now a requirement of office design. Plan your office redesign or office refurbishment project carefully to maximise space, daylight and the availability of fresh air.

Modular Workspace Group has developed an extensive environmental programme that ensures we can comprehensively manage the entire project, minimising the impact the waste from commercial fit-out produces.
Being responsible for all environmental factors means we can monitor the needs of individual companies, but also create a stable and consistent method to meet our green objectives.

Thinking Green.