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Seamless Delivery.

Piecing all the products and services into one coordinated installation is what we do. Our project teams have a huge amount of experience and work with our core values  at the forefront of everything they undertake. We are the link between the contractors and client, giving one single point of contact, keeping the client up to date whilst relieving the pressure associated with large scale projects.

Our knowledge and range of suppliers allows us to provide the best solution for you, an unbiased selection of products and services that best suit the environment we are creating.

Workplace Consultancy

Our workplace consultancy team enjoy making offices more effective, sometimes it is impossible to see limitations of your current space from within. We will conduct observations and gather information from you to maximise the efficiency of your workspace. Analysing the various departments and how they integrate and communicate with one another can make your business more effective, we will look into your technology requirements and how future advancements and trends could influence your needs in the future.

We will pass our findings on to our design team and work closely together to create an inspiring design that still meets your business needs.

Poorly designed offices cost UK businesses billions of pounds a year.

Your employees will work more efficiently and effectively in a well designed workspace, an environment that enhances their productivity and suits your business needs, allowing your team to work at optimum efficiency whilst minimising stress on individuals.

We define an effective workplace as:

  • Increasing the productivity and profitability of the business.
  • Ensure that space is used effectively, and matches the workflow of your business, not inhibiting collaboration between departments.
  • Having ample storage throughout.
  • Simple Flexibility, modern office spaces are planned on a grid system which allows for a simple re-allocation of space.
  • Planning for future growth, a well planned office should help you to grow.
  • Enhance your brands indentity, strengthening your core valyes and supporting a positive culture amongst your team.​

Turn-key Project Management.

Communication. Communication. Communication.

Effective project management stems from great communication. It is obviously vital to ensure the whole project team have an understanding of what the project should look like, but also establishing regular meetings with the client to update on the progress. Being kept up to date with new developments and progress can help you to feel part of the process, which with our help can be enjoyable.

Creating a detailed schedule of works allows us to give you a detailed break down of the project, we won't commit to unrealistic timescales and all of our projects are complete on time and within budget.

If you want to see how our team can make a difference to your business, contact us and we will be in touch.

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We take the time to build a comprehensive brief of your project. As well as the documentation we will produce a mood board, along with 3D CAD drawings to help you visualise your new workplace. 

Whether you prefer the funky, vibrant office, or a more traditional look and feel, we can tailor your space to enhance your brand image. 

Our team work to the highest standards, we strive for excellence in every project. ​​We continuously review our standards and ways of working. We review our performance to ensure we are continually able to improve our service and process.
We will build snagging periods into completion of each area, ensuring the quality meets our high standards before we sign it off. Your move in date will be adhered to, and will be the finished article, not a work in progress.