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Scope of Works.

Today Tax Computer Systems serves the needs of over 900 large corporations in the UK and Ireland, as well as almost all of the large accounting firms including 23 of the top 25 UK practices. They got there by delivering exceptional software and services to all our customers and we have achieved this by investing in the best people and technology for their business.
Because they meet and exceed customer expectations, they have a continuing customer retention rate in excess of 97%.

Tax Computer Systems were relocating from their Regus serviced offices. The space was dull, uninviting with little reference to the company branding and did not reflect the direction the company was heading in.

The office move fell at exactly the same time the company was undertaking a re-branding process and so the new office was the perfect opportunity to showcase this and create the company standard to roll out across their offices.

Modular Workspace designed an office based around improving the workflow and productivity of the staff, using the Senator principle of settings, giving clearly defined areas equipped for each different activity, from informal meetings to information and resource sharing. We clearly defined the visitors and staff entrance with a sweeping curved wall as you entered the space, showcasing the striking company logo.

The front of the workspace was lined by meeting rooms, making use of the natural light and giving clearly defined meeting areas with locally sited breakout furniture. Bright colours were added to the kitchen space, trying to add a more relaxed feel to the otherwise corporate feel.

Air Conditioning

Audio Visual

​Bespoke Joinery

Full electrical and network installation

​CDM, Health & Safety Duties



New Floor

Full Kitchen Installation

Meeting Room Build

Full Furniture Procurement & Install.​​

Client Background.


Home  /  Magna House, Staines.

Magna House, Staines, TW18


7,000 Sqft.


6 Weeks

Project Summary.