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Establishing Objectives to Develop a Strategy.

Development of a brief to ensure your project manager understands your key objectives is essential. Using your brief, coupled with observations of your current working environment,  we can pinpoint key measures for the success of your re-designed office space.

A workplace strategy is vital, it provides clarification of how to achieve your objectives. It can help to pinpoint the smallest optimum space required to support your business needs, leading to reduced real estate costs. Working to a project brief alone without developing a structured approach can be the difference between the success and failure of the project.

Through evaluating the information and data collected in the initial brief, together with our knowledge of office optimisation we can create the foundation for your project and a reference that can be used to asses the practical implications and cost benefits over an office move.

Office Refurbishment Essentials.

The creative stages in the design process are where the client's aspirations come to life, developing an optimised workspace based on the initial design brief. Our designers are focused on delivering inspired solutions taking into account the limitations of your current property. The strength and ability of our design team have allowed us to create innovative solutions to meet the demands of the modern day office.

​Continuous technical review and development will guide each team during implementation to guarantee that we adhere to regulations and minimise risks associated with the project. A well designed office is nothing if the technical aspects are not delivered.​

Poorly designed offices cost UK businesses billions of pounds a year.

Office Refurbishment Essentials.

We have been specialising in office fit-out and refurbishment for over 20 years. We have processes in place that allow for minimum disruption, whether the works are carried out in an occupied or unoccupied space.

We can re-vitalise your office space for a fraction of the costs associated with relocation, optimising your current floor plan to free up space, increasing the morale and productivity of your team, ultimately leading to greater profitability for your business. A well designed office can make huge savings on property costs, optimising your work space to increase density whilst still conforming to regulations can be a complex process.

Sektor is a complete range of interior solutions designed with installers and the end-user in mind. The range includes single and double glazed partitioning, suspended ceilings, doors and ironmongery, glazing and much more.

All of the range is available nationwide with as much practical or technical advice as you need to comply with building regulations and meet the details of your specification. 

Sektor simplifies the task of turning an empty building into a working environment.

Office Fit-Out & Design Specialist

If you want to see how our team can make a difference to your business, contact us and we will be in touch.


Modular Workspace grew from the belief there was a simpler and more effective way of working , a way that allowed the clients needs to be heard and most importantly only need to be communicated to one person. 

We want to hear your ideas and get to know how you work, as well as a detailed project brief we will go through an observation stage to ensure we have a detailed understanding of your ways of working, often taking a step back you can see a way to optimise the process. We keep you informed at every stage of the project to ensure you are involved in the developments without any of the stress.

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Design Innovation.

Modular Workspace provide a Turn-key design service as a result of customer demand, we regularly received requests for recommendations of contractors to provide a host of other services required on a project. Clients were often struggling to find and manage all the sub-contractors required.

Our clients wanted to know that they had a trusted single point of contact, one person accountable for managing budgets, contractors and ensuring the project met its deadline. Since 1994 we have undertaken turn-key projects of all scales, regardless of size it is well worth considering a turn-key solution. It quite simply is the fastest and most cost effective method to manage an office design project.

​Here at Modular Workspace we provide office fit out and design services to companies across Somerset and surrounding areas, with our specialist teams are able to carry out fit-out and design services from start to finish with excellence and professionalism, we guarantee to exceed your expectations.

Office design that works for your business is completely different from one that functions. It is as much about developing an understanding of your business as it is about technology and aesthetics. 

Our work always begins with a project brief, we listen carefully to a client to gain insights into your culture, priorities and business needs, in addition to understanding the use of the building itself. A thorough analysis means we can optimise your space, light, materials and services and as independent suppliers offer the best solution from a range of UK manufacturers to enhance your brand and environment.